As a musician, Joakim has worked as a freelancer for over 30 years:

As an orchestral musician, Joakim has continuously worked on a freelance basis for over 30 years in orchestras in the Stockholm area. Mainly at the Royal Swedish  Opera and the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and frequently participated in concerts, tours and recordings. And in this context also have the privilege over the years played with many of the big names among conductors and soloists.

For 25 years (1986-2011) Joakim was linked to the Swedish Folkoperan as Principal Percussionist.

As a chamber musician, Joakim is a member of the chamber music group Sonanza since 1994. The ensemble was awarded the Swedish Grammy in 2010 for the album Unheard of – Again. Sonanza belongs together with KammarensembleN, where Joakim also appeared in a number of tours, concerts and recordings, to the leading ensembles in Sweden in contemporary music. In the world-renowned percussionensemble Kroumata Joakim was for many years a frequent musician.

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Joakim Anterot was 2007 awarded the Göran Lagerwalls Music Award for his teaching at the higher music education. The award was presented at the Royal. Musical Academy ceremonial meeting by the Crown Princess Victoria

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Joakim Anterot educational works;

Joakim has been teaching at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm for 17 years and is the teacher in charge of the percussion departement. 

Kungliga Musikhögskolan i Stockholm

Worked at University College of Music Education in Stockholm 1990-2007

Stockholms Musikpedagogiska institut

Professor in Bosnia 2003-2009, where he was after the war rebuilding the percussion education at Muzicka Akadmija in Sarajevo.

Joakim regularly do worhops and seminars abroad. For PAS convention in the US, he has also been invited together with a colleague for holding a seminar on ther own ensemble method Nu-Musik. Masterclass Tallin 2016

Founder, togheter with Anders Holdar (Kroumata)  of the educational association SPiS, percussion teacher in Sweden

SPiS, Slagverkspedagoger i Sverige.